Ice in my chardonnay

It’s just not right, I know.  But I just poured myself a chardonnay – Clos du Bois – and I slipped 4 ice cubes into it, even though it is perfectly cold as is.

Why insist on the ice?  Why dilute the ripe apple and pear flavors, with a hint of butter?

Okay, it’s a school night.  That’s why.  Not for me.  I have finished my work week, or at least the part of the week where I have to present myself in semi-cleaned up fashion in front of students.   My kids, though, still need to be up, dressed and ready for the bus at 7:17 am, so it is still officially a “school night”.  But kids are only linked topics on this blog, so – ZIP THE LIP!

I bought myself a Nook today.  Very excited to loose the book clutter, but also concerned that I can no longer show off my book clutter, or lend out the real great reads I have come across. 

Favorite all time reads for me: (or what I can remember now)

1. Don Quixote de la Mancha… yes, really it makes me laugh out loud!  I’ve never read it in English, but it must be just as funny.  It’s almost like Monty Python humor is a take off on Don Quixote.  Cervantes was a comic genius.

2. A Walk in the Woods…  I have never felt the desire to hike through isolated, mountainous areas with only a tent and bare minimum food supplies on my back, but if Katz could do it (or part of it), then I thought I certainly could!

3. Angle of Repose… This took so much work to get through, but it was so worth it in the end.  It made me look at the elders in my family with new respect or with questions on what stories they might have to tell.

4. Team of Rivals… Just kidding.  I ordered it, and never read it, but display it prominently in my bookcase.

5. Naguib Mahfouz’ Cairo trilogy  Palace Walk, Palace of Desire, Sugar Street… This was an amazing find, evoking such strong images!  I dreamt of Egypt as I read, and was sorry to say good bye at the end.

6. Shadow Divers… Like A Walk in the Woods, except this one taught me that I will NEVER go more than 5 feet deep in any body of water!  Reads like a novel even though it’s non-fiction.

So the ice is melting quickly and I need to finish my chardonnay.  Hasta pronto….